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Bembe may refer to:

  • Bembe people, people of central Africa
    • Bembe language (Ibembe), spoken by the Bembe people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and western Tanzania
  • Beembe tribe (Kongo), of the Republic of the Congo
    • Bembe language (Kibembe), spoken in the Republic of the Congo
  • Bembe (West African drumming), used in Yoruba music
  • Bembe (membranophone), a Trinidadian drum more commonly known as bemba
  • Bembe, Angola, a town and municipality in Uíge Province in Angola
  • Bembé (album), an album by Milton Cardona
  • António Bento Bembe, Angolan general and politician
Bembé (album)

Bembé is a headway voice/percussion album by Milton Cardona.