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vb. (context transitive English) To furnish or fill with men; man.

Usage examples of "beman".

They found that what Weva could do, Beman could not, though he was her male aspect.

But Beman derived from human, robot, and Hectare elements, which were scientific, and they related well to the things of science and not to the things of magic.

The animal heads had evidently taken care to educate Beman in Proton speech, to clarify the distinction.

It seemed that Flach and Weva were the naturally sexed forms, while Nepe and Beman were emulations from neuter stock.

Sandoz mocht dan niet over de missie willen praten, de bemanning van het schip waarmee hij was teruggekomen bleek tegen alle verwachting in helemaal niet zo terughoudend.

I am aslo indebted to island bookstore owner Mimi Beman, who has been a tireless supporter of my work.