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Belsky (surname)

Belsky is a Russian surname. When transliterated as Bielski it can also refer to a Polish family of the same name.

  • Three different families bearing the name were prominent in Russian history:
    • The Yaroslavl Belsky family from the House of Yaroslavl
    • The Gediminid Belsky family of the 15th and 16th centuries
    • The Commoner Belsky family of the 16th and 17th centuries

Notable individuals bearing the name include:

  • Abram Belskie (born 1907), British sculptor
  • Franta Belsky (1921–2000), Czech sculptor
  • Grigory Lukyanovich Skuratov-Belsky ( fl. 16th century)
  • Harold Simon Belsky (born 1929), American musician a.k.a. Hal Blaine
  • Igor Belsky (1925–1999), Russian ballet dancer and choreographer
  • Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky (1868–1945), Russian painter
  • Yisroel Belsky (born c. 1940s), American religious leader


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Belsky (masculine), Belskaya (feminine), or Belskoye (neuter) may refer to:

  • Belsky (cartoonist), (1919 - 1989) Margaret Belsky
  • Belsky (surname), a Russian last name
  • Belsky District, name of several districts in Russia
  • Belsky (rural locality) (Belskaya, Belskoye), name of several rural localities in Russia
  • 8786 Belskaya, a main-belt asteroid
Belsky (rural locality)

Belsky (; masculine), Belskaya (; feminine), or Belskoye (; neuter) is the name of several rural localities in Russia:

  • Belsky, Beloretsky District, Republic of Bashkortostan, a village in Kaginsky Selsoviet of Beloretsky District of the Republic of Bashkortostan
  • Belsky, Karmaskalinsky District, Republic of Bashkortostan, a village in Sakhayevsky Selsoviet of Karmaskalinsky District of the Republic of Bashkortostan
  • Belsky, Meleuzovsky District, Republic of Bashkortostan, a village in Pervomaysky Selsoviet of Meleuzovsky District of the Republic of Bashkortostan
  • Belsky, Tver Oblast, a settlement in Vyshnevolotsky District of Tver Oblast
  • Belskoye, Republic of Bashkortostan, a selo in Alataninsky Selsoviet of Sterlitamaksky District of the Republic of Bashkortostan
  • Belskoye, Krasnoyarsk Krai, a selo in Troitsky Selsoviet of Pirovsky District of Krasnoyarsk Krai
  • Belskoye, Leningrad Oblast, a village in Osminskoye Settlement Municipal Formation of Luzhsky District of Leningrad Oblast
  • Belskoye, Moscow Oblast, a village in Guslevskoye Rural Settlement of Taldomsky District of Moscow Oblast
  • Belskoye, Ryazan Oblast, a selo in Belsky Rural Okrug of Spassky District of Ryazan Oblast
  • Belskoye, Smolensk Oblast, a village in Ponizovskoye Rural Settlement of Rudnyansky District of Smolensk Oblast
  • Belskoye, Tver Oblast, a village in Vesyegonsky District of Tver Oblast
  • Belskoye, Udmurt Republic, a village in Komsomolsky Selsoviet of Igrinsky District of the Udmurt Republic
  • Belskoye, Vologda Oblast, a village in Lukinsky Selsoviet of Chagodoshchensky District of Vologda Oblast
  • Belskaya, Kaluga Oblast, a village in Baryatinsky District of Kaluga Oblast
  • Belskaya, Tver Oblast, a village in Kalyazinsky District of Tver Oblast
Belsky (cartoonist)

Margaret Constance Belsky née Owen, better known by her nom de plumeBelsky, (20 June 1919 - 26 January 1989), was a British cartoonist and illustrator.

Belsky was born on 20 June 1919 in Wareham, Dorset to Albert Edward Owen and Margaret Constance Davies-Bunton. She attended the Bournemouth School of Art and later studied engraving and illustration at the Royal College of Art.

In 1944, she married the Czech exile and sculptor, Franta Belsky who she had met at the Royal College. They remained married until her death in 1989. Franta introduced her work to editors he knew at the magazine Lilliput. Belsky started working for the Daily Herald in 1951 and was the first woman to draw a daily front-page cartoon.

Belsky was dismissive of her own work, calling herself "just a hack." She didn't collect her work, though it was estimated that she may have drawn more than 6,000 cartoons while working for the Daily Herald.

When the Daily Herald (now the Sun) was taken over by Rupert Murdoch in 1969, Belsky refused to work for him and began to draw cartoons for many other newspapers, as well as drawing illustrations for various books.