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Belousov (or Beloussov) is a Russian surname formed from the nickname Belye Usy meaning "White Moustache", and in the patronymic form. The English equivalent would be "Grey Moustache", inferring to someone older and grey-haired, i.e. wise". The feminine form of the surname is Belousova. The Ukrainian language name of the same derivation is Bilous in the non- patronymic form.

The surname Belousov may refer to:

  • Boris Pavlovich Belousov, Soviet chemist
  • Boris Nikolayevich Belousov, Soviet cosmonaut
  • Leonid Belousov, midfielder for FC Gornyak Uchaly
  • Ludmila Belousova (born 1935), Russian figure skater
  • Vladimir Belousov (1907–1990), Soviet geologist
  • Vladimir Belousov (ski jumper) (born 1946), Soviet ski jumper
  • Yuri Leonidovich Belousov (1945–2000), Soviet and Russian researcher and engineer
  • Irina Belousova (born 1954), Ukrainian politician
  • Patricija Belousova (born 1995), Lithuanian dancer and beauty pageant
  • Sonya Belousova (born 1990), Russian-born composer, pianist and recording artist
  • Yaroslav Belousov (born 1991), a Russian political prisoner