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vb. (en-third-person singular of: belong)

Usage examples of "belongs".

They all came from the part of Epirus called Albania, which belongs to the Republic of Venice, and they had distinguished themselves in the last war against the Turks.

Those who might be curious did not dare to ask me, for one can no more enquire of a knight what order he belongs to, than one can say to a lady how old are you?

I know his name which belongs to an illustrious family of Provence, but I have never seen him before.

I have taken it, because it belongs to me, and in such a manner that if anyone else dared to take it I should contest it as my property by every legitimate resource.

It belongs to your husband who can do what he likes with it, and I hope, if he gives it you, you will take it.

The quadrille lasted one hour, and I took no part in it, but immediately after it, a Harlequin approached me with the impertinence which belongs to his costume, and flogged me with his wand.

My name is Don Antonio Pocchini, I am of a noble Paduan family, and my mother belongs to the illustrious family of Campo SanPiero.

My brother remains at the hotel, and my room belongs to me for the month.

We will sup at a house which belongs to me, and there the bargain can be struck.

It belongs to the Pope, the Republic of Venice having abandoned it to the Holy See.

No one can reasonably deny them that right, provided the name they assume belongs to nobody.

We lavished, for the sake of a well-meaning but false decorum, that which belongs to love alone.

I think it right to tell you that I am in very easy circumstances, and that, far from fearing expense, I delight in it: all I possess belongs to the woman I love.

A quarter of this sum belongs to me, and my mother has promised my sister and myself to share her dowry between us.

I beg your pardon, as that honour belongs to my friend Pierre Jacques Martelli.