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Belinsky (disambiguation)

Belinsky (masculine), Belinskaya (feminine), or Belinskoye (neuter) may also refer to:

  • Belinsky (surname) (fem. Belinskaya)
  • Belinsky District, a district of Penza Oblast, Russia
  • Belinsky Urban Settlement, a municipal formation which the town of district significance of Belinsky in Belinsky District of Penza Oblast, Russia is incorporated as
  • Belinsky (inhabited locality) (Belinskaya, Belinskoye), several inhabited localities in Russia
  • Belinsky (film), a 1954 film directed by Grigori Kozintsev
  • 3747 Belinskij, an asteroid discovered by Lyudmila Chernykh in 1975
Belinsky (film)

Belinsky is a 1953 Soviet film directed by Grigori Kozintsev, based on the life of Russian literary critic Vissarion Belinsky (1811–1848). The production of the film was completed in 1951 but it was not released until 1953, following the reshooting of various scenes demanded by Stalin.

Belinsky (inhabited locality)

Belinsky (; masculine), Belinskaya (; feminine), or Belinskoye (; neuter) is the name of several inhabited localities in Russia.

Urban localities
  • Belinsky, Penza Oblast, a town in Belinsky District of Penza Oblast
Rural localities
  • Belinskoye, Kaliningrad Oblast, a settlement in Novostroyevsky Rural Okrug of Ozyorsky District in Kaliningrad Oblast
  • Belinskoye, Sakhalin Oblast, a selo in Tomarinsky District of Sakhalin Oblast
Belinsky (surname)

Belinski or Belinsky (feminine: Belinskaya) is a Russian-language surname. Its Polish-language counterpart is Bieliński.

The surname may refer to:

  • Vissarion Belinsky (1811–1848) a Russian literary critic.
  • Alexander Belinsky (1928−2014), Russian theatre/film director and screenwriter.
  • Bruno Bjelinski (1909–1992), Croatian composer
  • Bo Belinsky (1936–2001), American baseball player
  • Fabián Bielinsky (1959–2006), Argentine film director
  • Vitali Belinski (Vitaly Belinsky) (born 1989), Belarusian ice hockey player
  • Vladimir Belinski (Belinsky) (born 1941), Russian theoretical physicist
Fictional characters
  • Nikolai Belinski, a character from the Call of Duty: Black Ops video game
  • Tania Belinsky, Soviet neurosurgeon, a Red Guardian in the Marvel Comics universe

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