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Belet may refer to:

  • Robert A. Belet (1914–42), a United States Marine Corps Silver Star recipient
  • USS Belet (DE-599), a United States Navy destroyer escort converted during construction into the high-speed transport USS Belet (APD-109)
  • USS Belet (APD-109), a United States Navy high-speed transport in commission from 1945 to 1946

Usage examples of "belet".

They were afraid of him, the mangey dogs, as well they might belet them cower before Loddlaen the Mighty, Master of the Powers of Air!

Dien kwam binnen om te vragen, of er belet was voor meneer De Woude Van Bergh.

Ik verzoek morgen belet bij mevrouw Van Erlevoort en vraag Freddy tot mijn dochter.

I think I know where I can find someone who will help usif Old Belet Vor still lives.

Also, Belet Vor is very popular and Chinod Sai sits on his self-made throne rather uncertainly.

If anything happened to Belet Vor it would be just the excuse needed by some would-be Bradhi of Thieves.

Soon Belet Vor returned carrying a long tube and a small, handsomely worked box.

There seemed to be something final about that parting, as if Belet Vor knew they would never meet again.

So long as Shizala were safeand I knew that the wily old Belet Vor would see to thatI was prepared to die.

I must admit I was not only thinking of Belet Vorbut of the girl I had sent to him, Shizala.

Sai and his blue friend learned that you had been seen in the house of Belet Vor.