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Ghostly footfalls trod the old Beld mansion, and bloodshed and murder followed in their wake!

CHAPTER I MIDNIGHT VISITORS THE taxicab did not stop directly in front of the Germaine Apartments, and Marcus Beld knew why.

Marcus Beld showed no hesitation when he walked into the lobby of the apartment house.

Probably The Shadow had trailed Marcus Beld here, and had decided the time was ripe for a visit of his own.

It consisted of three cousins: Marcus Beld, Hugh Claymer and Eunice Kerlen, together with two maiden aunts who were unimportant.

When Marcus Beld departed from the seventh-floor apartment, it was Jerry who took him downstairs.

EUNICE was alone in the apartment when a call from the lobby announced that Marcus Beld was downstairs.

Though he had received no recent word from The Shadow, Harry was confident that Roger had come here to seek information regarding the Beld treasure.

Written in longhand was the title: Report of Beld Family Treasure from Investigation Conducted in the Year 1887.

He told of the report on the Beld treasure, dated 1887, but could supply no details regarding the information it contained.

He was off on a fifty-mile drive to the isolated stretch of Long Island where the old Beld mansion stood.

Since Roger had met danger while seeking information regarding the Beld treasure, he might encounter new trouble before he reached the mansion.

He had found a turn-off from the road, just before he reached the gates of the old Beld property.

CHAPTER XII TOOLS OF MURDER SUCH big men of murder as Itch Fendel and Marcus Beld never bothered with performing the actual kill themselves.

WHEN the dinner hour came, the descendants of the Beld family formed a glum group.