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n. (alternative form of bey English) (Turkish governor)


BEK may refer to:

  • Staff New Yorker cartoonist Bruce Eric Kaplan
  • One of the identifying symbols for Fibroblast growth factor receptor 2
  • Bubble Evil King/ Bull Evil King, bosses in the video game Okage
  • [Bleached Eucalyptus Kraft] a type of pulp made from Eucalyptus
Bek (sculptor)

Bek or Bak ( Egyptian for "Servant") was the first chief royal sculptor during the reign of Pharaoh Akhenaten. His father Men held the same position under Akhenaten's father Amenhotep III; his mother Roi was a woman from Heliopolis.

Bek grew up in Heliopolis, an important cult centre of the sun god Ra. The young prince Amenhotep (who became the pharaoh Akhenaten) had a palace here, and it is likely that his religious views were formed in part by the Heliopolitan teachings. Bek followed his lord to Akhet-Aten, the city founded by Akhenaten. He oversaw the construction of the great temple statues of the king and the opening of the Aswan and Gebel es-Silsila stone quarries, from where the stone was transported.

A stela found in Aswan, made around the 9th regnal year of Akhenaten shows Men and his son Bek with the pharaohs they serve. On the right side Men stands before the statue of Amenhotep III. The statue is very likely to be one of the colossi of the pharaoh that was made by Men. This side of the stela reflects the traditional artistic style of the 18th dynasty, and the only indication of the Amarna period is that the name "Amenhotep" is left out, instead of it the pharaoh's throne name "Nebmaatre" is repeated, in order to avoid having to mention the god Amun whose cult was forbidden. On the left side of the stela Bek is shown before Akhenaten, who makes offerings to his god Aten; according to the inscription the depicted scene is set in the Great Temple of the Aten. A typical feature of Amarna era pictures, the rays of Aten end in hands. Aten's and Akhenaten's name was later chiseled out.

On the stela Bek states that he is "the apprentice whom His Majesty taught". It is likely that he oversaw the making of the statues which show Akhenaten and his family in an overly naturalistic style, breaking with the idealised depiction that tradition demanded.

A stela (now in Berlin) shows Bek with his wife Taheret. This is possibly the first self-portrait in history. The inscription of this stela also mentions him being taught by Akhenaten. A drawing of Akhenaten, which depicts the pharaoh and Aten and is likely to have been made in the early years of his reign, is possibly Bek's work. This picture shows Aten with a falcon-headed man, which was an attribute of Ra.

Some other sculptors of the Amarna period are also known by name, including Thutmose (creator of the famous Nefertiti bust) and Yuti, sculptor of Queen Tiye.

Bek (crater)

Bek is a crater on Mercury. It has a diameter of 32 kilometers. Its name was adopted by the International Astronomical Union in 2010. Bek is named for the Egyptian sculptor Bek, who lived in the 14th century BCE.

Bek (given name)

Bek is an English name, the name Bek means - brook. The name Bek originated as an English name. The name Bek is most often used as a boy name or male name.

Usage examples of "bek".

A boy still, though approaching manhood rapidly, Bek was small and wiry, but made up for his size with agility and speed and surprising strength.

If there was a fight, the Highlander would insist, he wanted Bek Rowe at his back.

He contracted a fatal disease and, knowing he was dying, brought Bek to his cousin Coran to raise.

Though not conscious of the effort, both Bek and his cousin began to walk more softly.

He walked out of the firelight and peered into the darkness where Bek and the stranger stood facing each other.

All the while, Bek watched Walker carefully, wondering what the meeting was all about, what sort of favor the Druid could want of them, how he knew Coran Leah, what he was doing with a Wing Rider, and on and on.

I need a cabin boy on this journey, Bek, someone who can be anywhere and everywhere without questions being asked, someone whose presence is taken for granted, but who hears and sees everything.

But the Druid was also reticent about giving out information, a tradition among the members of his order, and Bek was quite certain he was keeping something to himself.

Quentin had made up his mind even before Bek had agreed and would likely have gone without him.

Much of the time, Bek felt protective toward him, even though Quentin was the older of the two and looked at the matter the other way around.

Whatever the case, Bek loved and admired his cousin and could not imagine staying behind if Quentin went.

When Walker spoke, Bek could feel himself agreeing almost before the words were out.

But, he had to admit, at least Quentin had a plan for his life, which was more than Bek could say for himself.

They gave a warm and friendly feel to the big house, and as the cousins walked up to it Bek found himself wondering how long it would be before he would enjoy this feeling again.

Liria had taken the younger children off to bed, Bek left Quentin to speak alone with his father about the Druid and took a long, hot bath to wash off the dirt from their outing.