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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bejewel \Be*jew"el\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Bejeweled or Bejewelled; p. pr. & vb. n. Bejeweling or Bejewelling.] To ornament with a jewel or with jewels; to spangle. ``Bejeweled hands.''
--Thackeray. [1913 Webster] ||

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1550s, from be- + jewel. Related: Bejeweled.


vb. To decorate or bedeck with jewels or gems.

  1. v. adorn or decorate with precious stones; "jeweled dresses" [syn: jewel]

  2. [also: bejewelling, bejewelled]

Usage examples of "bejewel".

Next came soldiers from the army of the Ancestress who carried an immense canopy of phoenix-embroidered yellow silk, and beneath the canopy were bonzes who pulled twelve bejeweled carts.

Sometimes, lying wide-eyed in the dark, she pictured herself at such a moment, gorgeously gowned, and delightfully disdainful of the bejeweled, becrowned, stately kings and queens and little princelings, dukes and duchesses and earls and countesses, all hanging on the exquisite notes she drew from her strings.

We had descended a coiling staircase of carven alabaster and were about to enter a long, high-roofed corridor lined with an honor guard of bejeweled and beplumed Laonese chivalry, when I stopped short, my gaze caught by a most imposing monument.

This was followed by a cheer, for it was the signal to escort the groom to his bridal tent where, presumably, the bride waited in perfumed, bejeweled splendor.

Bret noticed that the bejewelled woman at the next table was feeding pieces of her veal escalope to a perfectly brushed and combed terrier at her feet.

It was a splendid apartment, only used upon state occasions, lighted, I should think, with at least two or three hundred wax candles, which threw a soft glow over the panelled and pictured walls, the priceless antique furniture, and the bejewelled ladies who were gathered there.

The beautifully gowned and bejeweled woman at table, her orange hair elaborately ringleted and besprent with pearls and tiny red stones, was the Lady Samaire, daughter of Ulad and Princess of Leinster.

Brian Boru had used it as his audience chamber as well as his banqueting hall, calculatedly awing visitors with an ostentatious display of gold cups and bejeweled goblets on every table in the room.

Pope could eat little because he suffered from bad digestion and gaseous disturbances, Leo waved his white, bejeweled, plump hands while he accompanied Gabriel Marin of the remarkably beautiful voice, the master violinist Marone of Brescia, and Raffaelle Lippus, the blind balladier.

The mage, Merula the Marvelous, perched at the edge of his seat, bejeweled hands folded atop the silver pommel of his walking cane.

She tugged at the laces that bound it and unrolled the suede pouch to reveal a long, bejeweled white dress.

Lolling in the leather seat, staring out the window at the lights of Tahoe Valley spread out below twinkling like a bejeweled Indian tapestry, Nina decided she would never fly coach class again.

The Ard-Righ sighed and leaned back in his cathedra, letting the burnished, bejeweled sword clatter down at his feet.

Her European dress was violently multicolored, bejeweled, its skirt huge and bustled.

He wore a magenta skullcap and magenta robes, and around his taut neck hung a bejeweled crucifix.