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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Behen \Be"hen\, Behn \Behn\, n. [Per. & Ar. bahman, behmen, an herb, whose leaves resemble ears of corn, saffron.] (Bot.)

  1. The Centaurea behen, or saw-leaved centaury.

  2. The Cucubalus behen, or bladder campion, now called Silene inflata.

  3. The Statice limonium, or sea lavender.


Behn may refer to:

Usage examples of "behn".

Just as apparently, Behn-kihl-nahm had not heard all of the morning's gossip and rumors, a prospect that brought a frown to his face.

Three other small worlds, all represented in the Senate by their hereditary rulers, followed suit before Behn-kihl-nahm succeeded in suspending the session.

That fear carried him, in the company of the seneschal of the Marais, to the office of Chairman Behn-kihl-nahm.

The moment they were gone, Behn-kihl-nahm tried one more time to reach Princess Leia.

But since Behn and Spallanzani chattered back and forth, Alice was emboldened to ask him some questions.

Aphra Behn hadn’t been informed until yesterday, but she wanted very much to accompany them on their expedition.

De Marbot had heard from Clemens about the Stranger, and he had told Behn about him.

Li Po, Nur, Behn, and Turpin were sitting in chairs and reading the lists of control limits.

The blue eyes of de Marbot and Behn, however, seemed to shine with an unflagging light.

De Marbot and Behn got into the bed, but the Frenchman said, "I do not feel right sleeping.

Then the American had to tell de Marbot and Behn why he was here and what the purpose of the enclosure was.

It was not entirely a joyous occasion because de Marbot and Behn quarreled just before they were to take occupancy.

At nineteen she was married to a much older man, a wealthy Dutch merchant, Jans Behn.

Indeed, of the eight, only Nur and perhaps Aphra Behn and Alice were at this moment promising candidates for Going On.

After a while, Aphra Behn and Frigate joined them, and Nur drifted off, ending up with Gull.