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But this was drawne of six vnequall beasts,On which her six sage Counsellours did ryde,Taught to obay their bestiall beheasts,With like conditions to their kinds applyde:Of which the first, that all the rest did guyde,Was sluggish Idlenesse the nourse of sin.

From lawlesse lust by wondrous gracefayre Vna is releast:Whom saluage nation does adore,and learnes her wise beheast.

For during Saturnes ancient raigne it's sayd,That all the world with goodnesse did abound:All loued vertue, no man was affraydOf force, ne fraud in wight was to be found:No warre was knowne, no dreadfull trompets sound,Peace vniuersall rayn'd mongst men and beasts,And all things freely grew out of the ground:Iustice sate high ador'd with solemne feasts,And to all people did diuide her dred beheasts.

But Sangliere disdained much his doome,And sternly gan repine at his beheast.

But now time drawing ny,To him assynd, her high beheast to doo,To the sea shore he gan his way apply,To weete if shipping readie he mote there descry.

Thus hauing sayd, his sickely patientsDid gladly hearken to his graue beheast,And kept so well his wise commaundements,That in short space their malady was ceast,And eke the biting of that harmefull BeastWas throughly heal'd.

W Ho now does follow the foule Blatant Beast,Whilest Calidore does follow that faire Mayd,Vnmyndfull of his vow and high beheast,Which by the Faery Queene was on him layd,That he should neuer leaue, nor be delaydFrom chacing him, till he had it attchieued?