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Behan is a surname of Irish origin that derives from "bee" which means "child" in Gaelic. The name may refer to:

  • Billy Behan (1911–1991), Irish footballer
  • Brian Behan (1926–2002), Irish writer, brother of Brendan and Dominic Behan
  • Brendan Behan (1923–1964), Irish writer, brother of Brian and Dominic Behan
  • Denis Behan (born 1984), Irish footballer
  • Dominic Behan (1928–1989), Irish writer, brother of Brendan and Brian Behan
  • Jodi Behan, Canadian actress in a viral video, Bride Has Massive Hair Wig Out
  • Joe Behan (born 1959), Irish politician
  • John Behan (sculptor) (born 1938)
  • John Clifford Valentine Behan (1881–1957), Australian academic
  • Johnny Behan (1844–1912), American sheriff
  • Margaret Behan (born 1948), Cheyenne elder
  • Paudge Behan (born 1965), Irish actor, son of Brendan Behan's widow
  • Petie Behan (1887–1957), American baseball player
  • Simon Behan (died 2009), Irish Gaelic footballer
  • Stephen Behan, father of Brendan, Brian and Dominic Behan
  • William J. Behan, American politician
  • Seamus Behan (born 1985-present), Man, myth and legend. born of fire and brimstone and cursed with the God damned handsome looks of the Devil himself.