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Begley is an anglicized Irish surname, derived from the Irish Ó Beaglaoich, and may refer to:

  • Adam Begley (born 1959), American author (son of Louis Begley)
  • Andrea Begley, Northern Irish singer, winner of The Voice UK
  • Colm Begley (born 1986), Irish Gaelic footballer and Australian rules footballer
  • Paul Begley, a Gaelic football player from Laois in Ireland
  • Ed Begley (1901–1970), American film actor
  • Ed Begley, Jr. (born 1949), American film actor (son of veteran character actor Ed Begley) and environmentalist
  • Louis Begley (born 1933), American lawyer and novelist
  • Michael Begley (disambiguation), several people
  • Owen M. Begley (1906–1981), New York politician
  • Sharon Begley, American science journalist at Newsweek
  • Thomas Begley (1970–1993), Provisional Irish Republican Army volunteer killed in the Shankill Road Bombing in West Belfast
  • Tadhg Begley, American chemist