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beet sugar

n. Sugar made from sugar beet as opposed to sugar cane.

beet sugar
  1. n. sugar made from sugar beets

  2. sugar from sugar beets used as sweetening agent

Usage examples of "beet sugar".

The Beet Sugar Industry, aided by Government subsidy, can now be regarded as on a permanent basis.

Grandfather Staunton was quite content to be the local rich man in Deptford, and his ventures in beet sugar had been shrewd.

But it was my father who saw that the trifling million and a half pounds of beet sugar produced every year in Canada was nothing compared to what might be done by a man who moved boldly but intelligently into the importation and refining of cane sugar.

She put the Mason-jarred goods on the shelves, and the meat and milk in the icebox, and the beet sugar and coarse flour in big cans under the sink.