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Or life and safety and an unmarred record on the Northern Islands, while Laughing Girl died still waiting for him and he knew he was a coward no less than Beeling?

Beeling was still afraid to let the inexperienced Primmer be his pilot.

Captain Harold Rider walked up the single dusty street of what had been his Frontier Corps outpost on Deneb Five until the unexpected arrival forty-eight hours before of General Beeling and his Extraterrestrial Relations Board unit.

ERB Headquarters building opened and General Beeling stepped out, briskly despite his paunchy overweight.

He waited for Beeling to speak, regarding him with a mocking half smile.

You must tell them that Earth never takes a world by force, that even Beeling meant well but did not understand, and that all the things I told them Earth would do for them would have been done.