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220px |right |thumb |A beel near Aloa village, Tangail District, Bangladesh. A beel is a term for billabong or a lake-like wetland with static water (as opposed to moving water in rivers and canals - typically called khaals), in the Ganges - Brahmaputra flood plains of the Eastern Indian states of West Bengal, and Assam and in the country of Bangladesh. The term owes its origins to the word of the same pronunciation meaning "pond" in the Bengali and Assamese languages.

Beel (disambiguation)

Beel is a term for a pond (wetland) with static water.

Beel may also refer to:

  • Chalan Beel - a wetland in Bangladesh
  • Louis Beel (1902–1977), Prime Minister of the Netherlands (1946-1948, 1958-1959)

Usage examples of "beel".

Over the summer cycles that I lived with the Barringswoods, we all watched Beel grow and become quite muscular.

He raised his beam, blinding both of them, and Beel covered his face with his arms and moved further behind Syra.

Torgo and Beel stood behind him on the porch as he continued to survey the surroundings.

Andru caught sight of a large dog running behind Ana and Beel toward the trees at the edge of the clan site.

He turned quickly to see the dog better and both Ana and Beel jumped and turned as well, obviously fearful of being caught in this conversation.

He turned again to look at Beel, look into his eyes, and study his face.

After just a short amount of time, two gliders appeared in the sky and Beel froze in his steps.

Torgo knelt before the remaining glider and Beel watched what he was doing as well as studied the man.

I suggest finding some rural property and the lady can help you find a tutor for Beel, she can.

Roth walked over to the glider and Beel hurried to climb on behind him.

Roth ordered and Beel looked down, shrugged, then turned back to his room.

Well, Beel was a Bryon and he would grow up among these people who would recognize him for what he was.

He followed at a discreet distance as Syra, Roth and Beel hiked across open prairie land with backpacks on their backs.

Roth and Beel loaded their backpacks, each bestowed her with a hug, shared some parting words, and then boarded their glider and took off, leaving Syra standing alone in the valley.

A male servant poured a golden liquid into a crystal goblet and handed it to Roth as the front door opened and Beel entered the room with an old man behind him.