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beef jerky

n. jerked meat of bovine origin

beef jerky

n. strips of dried beef

Beef jerky (disambiguation)

Beef jerky is a type of jerky, a lean meat that has been trimmed of fat, cut into strips, and then dried to prevent spoilage.

Beef jerky or Beef Jerky may also refer to:

  • "Beef Jerky" (John Lennon song), 1974 song from the album Walls and Bridges
  • "Beef Jerky", song from The Jerky Boys album The Jerky Boys
  • "Beef Jerky", song from Cibo Matto album Viva! La Woman
  • "Beef Jerky", song from Glen Campbell album The Big Bad Rock Guitar of Glen Campbell
  • Beef Jerky, a character in an episode of Quack Pack

Usage examples of "beef jerky".

At the little galley, she prepared a quick breakfast: precooked apple sauce, rehydratable granola, beef jerky and breakfast roll.

There was a ton of beef jerky, and fatty stuff that tasted even worse only who cares when you're starving?

Black pepper, spices, beef jerky, pemmican, canned soup and canned ham, coffee, liquor and liqueurs and a partridge in a pear tree, everything you could dream of and all measured in ton lots.

Mac's held their most precious possession, what was left of a twenty pound sack of beef jerky.

Tully took out a piece of the beef jerky he always kept in a pocket and tried to interest the condor in it.

In his pocket he carried a piece of beef jerky and some dried fruit, which in itself was not very substantial.

Three packets of snack crackers, a package of beef jerky, turkey jerky, two bags of peanuts, and a candy bar.

Moffitt made a note of the license tag before popping the trunk (where he found a canvas rifle case and a five-pound carton of beef jerky), checking under the seats (two roach clips and a mangled Out magazine) and unlatching the glove box (the video cassette now playing in his VCR).

He had gone after the binoculars but grabbed the recorder, three Snickers bars, a handful of beef jerky, and an open bag of dog biscuits, too.

He was going to have to do something he hated, something that stuck in his craw like bad beef jerky.

I set about tidying my small space and preparing a cold meal of beef jerky and maple syrup.

Blessing covered the door opening with his hulk, leaned against the frame, and chewed on a strip of beef jerky, which Lil always sent in her parcels.

They gathered a few twigs and boiled coffee while chewing on beef jerky.