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n. A city in central Maharashtra state in India.


Beed ( Marathi:बीड) is a city in central region of Maharashtra state in India. It is the administrative headquarters and the largest city with a population of 146,709 in Beed district. Nearly 36% of the district’s urban population lives in the city alone. It has witnessed 6.1% population growth during 2001 – 2011 decade.

Its official name is Beed, though; Bhir, Bir, Bīr, Bid or Bīd is also seen in official and unofficial usage. Encyclopædia Britannica refer it as Bhir, Encyclopedia Encarta as Bīr and Google Maps as Bir while it is found at World Gazetteer as Bīd.

Beed's early history is obscure. Historians speculate; based on archaeological remains, that the city might have been founded by the Yadava rulers (1173–1317) of Devagiri ( Daulatabad). Beed was a part of the State of Hyderabad (Asaf Jahi Kingdom) of Nizams in British India. Operation Polo, the code name of the Hyderabad "Police Action" was a military operation in September 1948 in which the Indian Armed Forces invaded the State of Hyderabad and overthrew its Nizam, annexing the state into the Indian Union. Beed remained in annexed Hyderabad state until 1956 when it was included in Bombay Presidency. On May 1, 1960 Maharashtra state was created on linguistic basis and Marathi dominant Beed district became part of Maharashtra.

The city has got several historical buildings of which Kankaleshwar temple is the most famous. Remains of fort (قbeeğلعه) are still visible on the western bank of Bensura river. Being district headquarters, the city has several administrative offices including district and municipal councils, district and session courts, collectorate and office of the superintendent of police. Radio and television stations are also located in the city.

Beed (Lok Sabha constituency)

Beed Lok Sabha constituency (formerly, Bhir Lok Sabha constituency) is one of the 48 Lok Sabha (parliamentary) constituencies in Maharashtra state in western India. This constituency was formed in 1951, as one of the 25 constituencies of erstwhile Hyderabad State.

Beed (Vidhan Sabha constituency)

Beed Vidhan Sabha constituency is one of the 288 Vidhan Sabha (legislative assembly) constituencies of Maharashtra state in western India.

Usage examples of "beed".

Aunt Sarah had got her best earings and her dolman with beeds and Keene and Cele had on their bronze boots and there plad dresses and they got a seet on the platform.

But I beed athinking that mayhaps the young’uns be puttin’ at rights wot we—wot baint possible for us’n.

There were three Bridger families in the chasm, and while the Beeds and the Chafers were not jealous of caste status, the Banders certainly were.

Since youre all Banders checking a Beed, Ill ask the Bridgers House to send Chafers or Beed to check Bander.

Next morning six of the Beeds, including Uncle Highspurs and Beedies parents, went down-root to make the cut, and that was the last anyone saw of them, ever.

He beed a spy —it war Filba who blowed up the bota transport, no lie, blood.

Uncle Highspurs was the eldest Bridger on Nextdown, which made the Beed family head of caste and main occupiers of Bridgers House.

She wanted to talk to Rootweaver Beed, second eldest, a white-haired woman with young eyes whom Beedie admired for her good sense and friendly demeanor toward the younger Bridgers.

Byle had probably been companied by five or six Bridgers all day, including at least one or two Chafers or Beeds.

Beed had even been allowed to try her own little spurs up and down the roots, being shown the water-bellies and how to find soft spots, l earning how to judge the direction of side roots.

Fortunately, everything but true AI was well within the reach of a modern PDA, so he didn't have to worry about Beed twigging to the presence of a real AID and how very much of his daily work activity was being recorded.