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Bedin is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Camille Bedin (1893–1979), French politician
  • Gianfranco Bedin (born 1945), Italian footballer
  • Maurizio Bedin (born 1979), Italian footballer

Usage examples of "bedin".

All men here are hizah to you, save for those who wear the mark of bedin themselves.

You will be taught the proper manner by those who have been bedin longer than you.

The greatest fear is that one may be whipped many times and sent to the bedin tent to heal-or one may be whipped to death upon the instant.

They are kept far from the eyes of all, and never is a bedin allowed in their presence.

They were addressed only as bedin, forbidden to address each other by any other name, forbidden even to think of themselves in any other manner.

It made no difference to a hizah which bedin served him, as long as he was satisfied in all particulars.

He gestured to the nearest bedin and then turned and strode out through the silken hangings, his white robes billowing behind him, a sickly frightened girl hurrying in his wake.

You are mistaken in believing yourself a free woman, bedin, and this will be proven to you.

If this is so do not regret them, for they have enabled you to learn the first of your lessons: no bedin may speak in the presence of hizahh, save at their command, and then only in the prescribed manner.

A bedin with her tongue removed is a bedin unable to give full pleasure to a man.

I was awakened it was late afternoon, and opening my eyes showed me the male bedin my mind had already detected.

When the male bedin stepped aside to reveal me to the hizah, I clutched my robe tighter and immediately fell to my knees, bowing with my fists pressed to my forehead and my head to the white silk.

The male bedin was gone, having been immediately dismissed, and I barely felt his mind trace fading with distance.

I was then sent back to the bedin tent, to wonder if anything more would come of the incident, I thought, but the bedin tent no longer stood where it had been.

Any bedin who put herself in the wrong position in relation to their vigilance was struck aside, quickly and harshly, not allowed a single instant in which to put the men at a disadvantage.