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n. (plural of bedbug English)

Bedbugs (album)

Bedbugs is a 1993 album by Odds.

The album's first single "Heterosexual Man" was supported by a video that featured the band appearing in drag with members of The Kids in the Hall. "It Falls Apart" was also a notable single. "Jack Hammer" features guest appearances by Robert Quine and Warren Zevon. "Yes (Means It's Hard to Say No)" charted well in many European countries.

Usage examples of "bedbugs".

Besides any leftover food or garbage you care to leave out for them, they will eat wallpaper paste, bookbindings, the glue in grocery bags, soap, dirty clothes, papers, bedbugs, other live and dead insects, and stale beer.

One famous entomologist who specialized in bedbugs collected them in hotels, good and bad, across the country.

Newly-hatched bedbugs are paler versions of adults, and they require blood feeding before they can reach adulthood.

Furthermore, a number of victims have described seeing bedbugs walk up the wall, travel across the ceiling and get in position to drop down on the bed.

A few such bugs placed in a room would clear out all the bedbugs within a few weeks.

When we add to this the additional torments of bedbugs and body lice, we can only surmise that life before washing machines and vacuum cleaners was indeed full of itching and scratching.

They carried bedbugs in a special box, open to the air on one side, and when the bedbugs smelled bloodonly human bloodthey made excited little cries that could be picked up by sensitive microphones in the boxes .

At the turn of the century, an energizing tonic consisted of sorghum juice, black beans, garlic, rum and seven freshly killed bedbugs.

Another insect, the assassin bug (sometimes called the masked bedbug hunter) was also welcomed in homes for years as a bedbug annihilator, until it was discovered that it bit people when it ran out of bedbugs.

Ants, especially pharoah's ants, will also eat bedbugs or their eggs, and spiders make wonderful bedbug predators.

The bed looked fairly comfortable with newly washed sheets but he knew it was probably filled with bedbugs.

And I'd like to have my ashes hauled, but not at the cost of lice and bedbugs and fleas.

And anyone working in the house on a regular basis needs to take a bath or shower, and use lice shampoo, to get rid of lice and bedbugs.

She didn't stare up at the ceiling with a vacant look or count the bedbugs on the wallpaper.

I see the empty pit of the Folies-Bergère and in every crevice there are cockroaches and lice and bedbugs.