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vb. 1 (en-third-person singular of: become) 2 (context computing English) The two-character symbol sequence ":=" used in some programming languages to mean ''is assigned the value of''. Used to distinguish between assignment of value and comparison for equality.

Usage examples of "becomes".

Bernard, and Return to Parma--A Letter from Hensiette--My Despair De La Haye Becomes Attached to Me--Unpleasant Adventure with an Actress and Its Consequences--I Turn a Thorough Bigot--Bavois--I Mystify a Bragging Officer.

He knew that a despised ignoramus becomes an enemy, and Haller wished to be loved.

As soon as we be there, and the conversation becomes general, I shall leave the room, pretending to be going away.

It is thus that love takes his pleasure, thus his growth increases, and thus that he so soon becomes a giant in strength.

EXPELLED FROM SPAIN CHAPTER VII I Make a Mistake and Manucci Becomes My Mortal Foe--His Vengeance-- I Leave Madrid--Saragossa--Valentia--Nina--I Arrive at Barcelona If these Memoirs, only written to console me in the dreadful weariness which is slowly killing me in Bohemia--and which, perhaps, would kill me anywhere, since, though my body is old, my spirit and my desires are as young as ever--if these Memoirs are ever read, I repeat, they will only be read when I am gone, and all censure will be lost on me.

It becomes hell itself, because there is no hope, and hope must die when it is killed by constant deception.

Reserve becomes silliness when we know that our affection is returned by the woman we love, but as yet I was not quite sure.

Those three operations are the work of the soul which, to procure enjoyment for itself, becomes the agent of our passions.

In the morning they are given a pitcher of water, some thin soup, and a ration of army bread which they have to eat immediately, or it becomes the prey of the enormous water rats who swarm in those dreadful abodes.

It must be understood that Italian books are generally bound in parchment, and in such a way that when the book is opened the back becomes a kind of pocket.

At its height friendship becomes love, and the palliative one is forced to apply to soothe it for a moment only increases its intensity.

What shall I do in four or five months, when my condition becomes past doubt?

Petri ever becomes her husband, I am sure she will never be anything more than a good friend to him.

This is a phrase of which the Milanese are very fond, but as they put it into practice it becomes them well.

Man becomes amorous through the senses, which, touch excepted, all reside in the head.