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n. 1 A common nickname for 2 A common nickname for the girls name Rebecka.


Becks may refer to:

  • Becks (surname), a European surname
  • Beck's Brewery, a brewery in the north German city of Bremen
  • David Beckham (born 1975), nicknamed Becks, English professional football midfielder
  • Becks Run, a tributary of the Monongahela River in Pennsylvania, United States
  • Becks, New Zealand, a small settlement in the Otago Region of the South Island of New Zealand
Becks (surname)

Becks is a surname that exists in Australia, Europe and United States. Since the 14th century was this family name found in England and from the 16th century in Netherlands and Germany. Later, in the 19th century, this family name was also found in Ohio, United States, as well as the Australian states of New South Wales and Queensland.

The word originates from the Old Norse word "bekkr". This family name is related to the living place at a Brook. Becks name is herewith related to ("a stream or brook") and cognate with German " Bach"

Usage examples of "becks".

He drew a square to indicate his castle and wiggling lines to represent the becks and rivers.

But water flowed through the cavern's bottom into the becks that fed into the river and would poison her own people.

As they rode up through the Vale of Eden, she pointed to him small, narrow valleys with their becks that fed into the round-bottomed Eden Valley.

The Tabors were undoubtedly richer than the Becks, but the Becks were rich enough not to suffer by comparison, and in every other way Hannah had done better than her sister.

The Becks, on the other hand, had four sons and four daughters, all of them so healthy, handsome, prudent, diligent and obedient that it was hardly possible to believe they were mortal flesh and blood.

The Becks had not yet acquired a house in the country, and the redoubtable Hannah rather prided herself on this.

Tabor and all the female Becks thought this behavior unmaidenly caused her considerable amusement.

Initiation begins with drinking three bottles of Bud Light, and ends with drinking three bottles of Becks or Heinekens.

Larger becks toppled through the mist on the high crags and down their own little valleys in chains of falls.