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Becke is a surname. Notable people with this surname include:

  • Axel D. Becke (born 1953), Canadian physical chemist
  • Daniel Becke (born 1978), German cyclist
  • Edmund Becke (fl. 1550), British theological writer
  • Florian Becke (born 1983), German bobsledder
  • Friedrich Johann Karl Becke (1855–1931), Austrian mineralogist
    • Becke line test, an optical mineralogy technique developed by Friedrich Johann Karl Becke
  • George Lewis Becke, (1855–1913), Australian Pacific trader, short-story writer and novelist
  • Gregor Becke (born 1972), Austrian slalom canoer
  • Brigadier-General John Becke (1879–1949), British Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force officer
  • Shirley Becke (1917–2011), British police officer
  • William Becke, (1916–2009), British army officer

Usage examples of "becke".

The first troupe was a monstrous rablementOf fowle misshapen wights, of which some wereHeaded like Owles, with beckes vncomely bent,Others like Dogs, others like Gryphons dreare,And some had wings, and some had clawes to teare,And euery one of them had Lynces eyes,And euery one did bow and arrowes beare:All those were lawlesse lustes, corrupt enuies,And couetous aspectes, all cruell enimies.