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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bechuanas \Bech`u*a"nas\, n. pl. A division of the Bantus, dwelling between the Orange and Zambezi rivers, supposed to be the most ancient Bantu population of South Africa. They are divided into totemic clans; they are intelligent and progressive.


n. (plural of Bechuana English)

Usage examples of "bechuanas".

The Griquas came under their chief, Waterboer, and marched against the enemy, accompanied by a large army of Bechuanas, who, encouraged by the presence of the Griquas, now went forth to the combat.

The undulating country around was covered with warriors —Griquas, Mantatees and Bechuanas, all in motion —so that it was impossible to say who were enemies and who were friends.

As soon as the Mantatees retreated, the Bechuanas commenced the work of slaughter.

There were many instances of an individual being surrounded by fifty Bechuanas, but as long as life remained he fought.

The Mantatees, having been informed that the Griquas had gone home, now determined to revenge themselves upon the Bechuanas, whom they considered but as the dust under their feet.

After exploring the country of the Bechuanas, he returned to Kuruman, and, having married Moffat’s daughter, proceeded in 1843 to found a mission in the Mabotsa valley.