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Bebb is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Ambrose Bebb (1894–1955), Welsh author and politician
  • Charles Bebb (1856–1942), leading Seattle architect
  • Dewi Bebb (1936–1996), Welsh rugby union player who won thirty four caps for Wales as a winger
  • Gwyneth Bebb (1889-1921), Plaintiff in British 1913 testcase to open legal profession to women
  • Llewellyn John Montfort Bebb (1862–1915), British academic
  • Michael Schuck Bebb (1833–1895), amateur systematic botanist and salicologist in America and Europe
  • Peter Bebb, special effects artist
  • Richard Bebb (1927–2006), English actor of stage, screen and radio
  • William Ambrose Bebb (1894–1953), Welsh language writer, critic and scholar
  • William Bebb (1802–1873), Whig politician from Ohio

Usage examples of "bebb".

There was the creek, bordered by bebb willows and alamos and brimming with a brown, foamy torrent.