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Beaux-Arts (Charleroi Metro)

Beaux-Arts (Fine arts) is the largest station in the Charleroi Metro network, located in Charleroi downtown, in fare zone 1. Because of its situation on a slope, the station terminates on a viaduct at one end (toward Ouest and Piges), and in a tunnel at the other end (toward Waterloo).

The station has two street entrances leading to a mezzanine level where ticket counters and shops are located. Platforms are accessible from the mezzanine through escalators and stairs.

The station has one lateral platform that used to serve former lines 88 and 89 to Anderlues, and one central platform that currently serves all lines. A third platform, not accessible to passengers, is used to exhibit old Charleroi trams.

One particularity of the station is that trams from line 2 (from Ouest to Piges) enter and leave the station from the same side, thus needing to execute a U-turn. To do so, trams first pass through the station on a track not linked to any platform, then enter a loop shaped tunnel to end up in the station again, but from the other side.

The name of the station comes from the nearby Palais des Beaux-Arts (Fine arts palace), a music/theatre venue.