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n. (alternative form of beastie English)

Usage examples of "beasty".

His voice shrilled until Cris feared he would frighten the beasties out yonder.

Marine in the battalion had multiple itching bites from beasties that had managed to get inside his chameleon uniform.

These accursed Cardie sensors aren't equipped to deal with beasties made out of silicon.

I meen, u heer stories ov goasts & beasties & stuf like that from thi kaotic relms cumin up & snatchin peepil & gobblin them up, but u nevir c it happen.

She was going to learn about the young Dageus who'd once strolled these heathery hills, nurturing the earth and healing the wee beasties, the gentle Dageus with the wild heart.

Nowhere did I spy a design akin to the eight-legged fabulous beasties on those coins.

You hang the crime on rats—small beasties which would leave a sinking ship in any case, which often have a few whites among them, and which only by the wildest stretch of imagination are picturable as killing an entire crew and vanishing their bodies.

If the Trempish hadn't had the ingenuity to dig a series of baited dead-falls, distil an acid from the bark of a rare tree, tip their arrows with it and shoot the trapped beasties in their exposed pineal glands, they would surely have died out.

And you see some gey strange beasties from the Safari Park-there's rhino about yet-but no the red deer.