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n. (plural of beast English)

Beasts (Crowley novel)

Beasts (ISBN 0-385-11260-2) is a novel by John Crowley, published in 1976 by Doubleday.

Beasts (novella)

Beasts is a novella by Joyce Carol Oates and was originally published in 2001.

Beasts (TV series)

Beasts is a 1976 British television series. Written by Nigel Kneale, it is an anthology of six self-contained episodes that feature the recurring theme of bestial horror. The series was made by ATV for the ITV Network.

Usage examples of "beasts".

The beasts, in the uncertainty of so many new riders, lost patience and moved away from nudging knees and elbows, adding to the bawling confusion.

First Descended had come down onto the Lakht, the Ila, undying and eternal, had divided men from beasts, and beasts from vermin: afterward the world and its order was ruled by the god, the single god, and administered by the Ila and her priests.

Mercy of the Ila, where Obidhen had arranged his beasts and their burdens.

This arrival turned out to be a one-eyed man with his three sons, who together owned fifty beasts, six slaves, and five tents, with two freedmen as assistants.

Obidhen promised three hours by the clepsydra in the courtyard, having his beasts within the pens to the north of the city, and his gear and his tents, he said, well-ordered and waiting in the warehouses by the northern gate.

Marak knew it, walking, walking endlessly beside the beshti, the beasts on which their guards rode.

The lank, curve-necked beasts that carried them plodded at an unchangeable rate.

He ignored them as he had learned to do all through his thirty years, and gave his attention to the sounds of men and beasts walking ahead of and behind him.

Beyond the immediate noise of the beasts, he heard the noise of the curious of the city and the passersby, heard the jeers of a gathering crowd while the potter clawed his way out of more water than he had ever sat in, and dripped onto the pavings.

He drew one and then the other knee across the cold, polished stone and heaved himself up, laughably like the beasts, rump first, then the forearms.

More will mean more beasts, more food, more pack beasts, more work, more risk.

Save a few desert-bred folk and two others who were clearly expert, the most of the madmen had never ridden in their lives, and the slaves had a great deal to do to convince any of the beasts thus mounted to keep a line.

The soldiers gathered their water-plump flesh up onto riding beasts and rode back the way they had come, returning to the city.

She occasionally assisted Obidhen when the beasts grew fractious, and he had seen her rouse the beasts and settle them again by voice alone, that strange call that the desert-bred beasts knew.

The beasts were willing to move, throwing their heads and switching their tails with pent-up energy.