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n. (context informal English) beast, animal.


Beastie may refer to:

In entertainment:

  • Beastie (roller coaster), a roller coaster at Alton Towers in Staffordshire, England
  • The Beastie, an earlier name of the roller coaster Woodstock Express at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio, US
  • The Beasties, a nickname for the hip hop musical group Beastie Boys
  • "Beastie", a song by Jethro Tull from Broadsword and the Beast

In fiction:

  • Beasties (film), a 1989 comedy horror film
  • The Beasties (book), a 2010 children's book by Jenny Nimmo
  • The Beasties (novel), a 1997 young-adult novel by William Sleator
  • Beasties, a type of creature in the role-playing game Changeling: The Dreaming
  • Beast Wars (Canadian title: Beasties), a Transformers toy line and animated television series
  • Beastie, Maleficent's nickname for Princess Aurora in the 2014 film Maleficent

In other uses:

  • Beastie (mascot), the BSD Daemon, mascot of the BSD operating system
  • The Beasties, a collective name for the alcopop brand Wee Beastie
Beastie (roller coaster)

Beastie was a steel family roller coaster made by Pinfari of Italy. The coaster was located in the Adventure Land area of Alton Towers in Staffordshire, England. The ride featured a tunnel and performed two laps of the circuit each run.

Originally opening in the Festival Park (now Dark Forest) area of the park under the name Mini-Dragon, it allowed younger visitors of the park to experience the thrill of a roller coaster. It was renamed in 1987 to just the "Dragon". In 1993 it was then moved to the Thunder Valley section of the park where it assumed the name "Beastie" after a larger roller coaster in the area, called The Beast. It stayed here for several years, up to the 1998 season when it was moved to the Adventure Land section of the park. The ride was very compact and contained several head chopper effects.

In 2009, it became the Alton Towers' oldest operating roller-coaster following the closure of the Corkscrew the previous year. In early 2011, it was revealed that Beastie would not be operating again; and after standing but not operating (SBNO) for 2 years it was finally removed from the park just before the 2013 season.

In 2015, Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure, a Zamperla family coaster, replaced Beastie. The site of the coaster is now part of CBeebies Land.

Usage examples of "beastie".

When the time comes and ye fall in love, but yer father gives ye no hope for it, then ye look in the belly of this beastie, do ye ken?

Raibert had been killed in the battle in Otterburn, and that the younger Lockharts had taken the beastie with them to England.

The beastie, but not their sister, Maggie, who was left behind with a broken heart and put away in a convent by her father, where she would die a year later by her own hand.

The beastie became nothing more than a prized belonging that spawned centuries of clandestine border crossings between England and Scotland by more than one Lockhart wishing to possess it, a practice that would endure for hundreds of years.

The beastie is in England because the English Lockharts stole it from the Scottish Lockharts, and I rather suppose we must have someone steal it back.

It would not do to have Nigel think he had come looking for him, because then, when the beastie turned up missing, old Nigel might put two and two together.

Told her of the family troubles, of the lore surrounding the solid gold beastie, that it was worth several thousand pounds, that it belonged to them.

Then again, who needed history when one had so many resources and a priceless beastie to boot?

Without the bloody, blasted beastie, they would certainly lose Talla Dileas.

He had noted then, unhappily, that the beastie was not among the many objects on display.

It was the goddamned beastie, all right, sitting among various other dubious works of art, glaring at him.

Stealing the beastie inevitably meant there was Ellie to consider, and Liam felt his good spirits slipping.

Lockhart mansion would be empty and he could seize that wretched beastie in a matter of days!

She knew a moment of panic standing there, realizing she had not thought of how she might bring the beastie down, but thought that as she had come this far, she would simply have to figure that out when the time came.

She gathered the beastie up, hurried back to the adjoining room by feeling her way along the wall, knocking the drape free of the chair.