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n. (archaic spelling of beasts nodot=yes English), (plural of beast nocap=yes English)

Usage examples of "beastes".

But suddenly he lost his dignity, And like a beast he seemed for to be, And ate hay as an ox, and lay thereout In rain, with wilde beastes walked he, Till certain time was y-come about.

Nor how the beastes and the birdes all Fledden for feare, when the wood gan fall.

Weary and wet, as beastes in the rain, Comes silly John, and with him comes Alein.

Save this she prayed him, if that he might, Her little son he would in earthe grave,* *bury His tender limbes, delicate to sight, From fowles and from beastes for to save.

I woulde pray you for to lend to me A hundred frankes, for a week or twy, For certain beastes that I muste buy, To store with a place that is ours (God help me so, I would that it were yours).

She durst the wilde beastes' dennes seek, And runnen in the mountains all the night, And sleep under a bush.

Certes this dream, which ye have mette tonight, Cometh of the great supefluity Of youre rede cholera,* pardie, *bile Which causeth folk to dreaden in their dreams Of arrows, and of fire with redde beams, Of redde beastes, that they will them bite, Of conteke,* and of whelpes great and lite.

The day gan failen, and the darke night, That reaveth* beastes from their business, *taketh away Berefte me my book for lack of light, And to my bed I gan me for to dress,* *prepare Full fill'd of thought and busy heaviness.

And many a flute and lilting horn, And pipes made of greene corn, As have these little herde-grooms,* *shepherd-boys That keepe beastes in the brooms.

For *as fele eyen* hadde she, *as many eyes* As feathers upon fowles be, Or were on the beastes four That Godde's throne gan honour, As John writ in th'Apocalypse.

The smalle beastes let he go beside: a charming touch, indicative of the noble and generous inspiration of his love.

For whiche cause the lusty host, Which [stood] in battle on the coast, At once for sorrow such a cry Gan rear, thorough* the company, *throughout That to the heav'n heard was the soun', And under th'earth as far adown, And wilde beastes for the fear So suddenly affrayed* were, *afraid That for the doubt, while they might dure,* *have a chance of safety They ran as of their lives unsure, From the woodes into the plain, And from valleys the high mountain They sought, and ran as beastes blind, That clean forgotten had their kind.

And in her hand a sharpe bore-speare she held,And at her backe a bow and quiuer gay,Stuft with steele-headed darts, wherewith she queldThe saluage beastes in her victorious play,Knit with a golden bauldricke, which forelayAthwart her snowy brest, and did diuideHer daintie paps.

He was a man of rare redoubted might,Famous throughout the world for warlike prayse,And glorious spoiles, purchast in perilous fight:Full many doughtie knights he in his dayesHad doen to death, subdewde in equall frayes,Whose carkases, for terrour of his name,Of fowles and beastes he made the piteous prayes,And hong their conquered armes for more defameOn gallow trees, in honour of his dearest Dame.

The time, that mortall men their weary caresDo lay away, and all wilde beastes do rest,And euery riuer eke his course forbearesThen doth this wicked euill thee infest,And riue with thousand throbs thy thrilled brest.