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Beale is an English surname. At the time of the British Census of 1881, its relative frequency was highest in Dorset (6.3 times the British average), followed by Huntingdonshire, Hampshire, Sussex, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Warwickshire, Kent and Surrey.

The name Beale may refer to:

Beale (disambiguation)

Beale is a family name.

Beale may also refer to:

In places:

  • Beale, West Virginia, an unincorporated community
  • Beale Air Force Base, a U.S. Air Force base in Yuba County, California
  • Beale Mountains, small range in the Mojave National Preserve in eastern California
  • Beale Park, wildlife park and gardens by the River Thames in Berkshire, England
  • Beale Street, historic street in Downtown Memphis, Tennessee
  • Beale Township, Pennsylvania, U.S.

In other uses:

  • USS Beale (DD-471), a Fletcher-class destroyer of the U.S. Navy
  • Beale ciphers, three encrypted documents allegedly disclosing a treasure location
  • Beale code, an American classification of geography
  • Beale number, a parameter that characterizes the performance of Stirling engines
  • Beale Piano, a piano brand formerly manufactured in Sydney Australia
  • Beale plc, a British department store group usually known by its trading name of Beales
  • Beale papers: See Beale ciphers, above.

Usage examples of "beale".

Beale could introduce the little girl only, alas, by revealing to her so attractive, so enthralling a name: the side-shows, each time, were sixpence apiece, and the fond allegiance enjoyed by the elder of our pair had been established from the earliest time in spite of a paucity of sixpences.

Alex Severin, Hertzan Chimera, Rickey Windell George, Anthony Beale, C.

Beales, the cook who had worked in the home of her childhood, Darcie remembered the tray of cold meat and cheese, the sweet tarts, the hot coffee, always at the ready should Steppy return from work late in the night.

Beale, for a minute, still with her eyes on him as he leaned upon the chimneypiece, appeared to turn this over.

Stepper was finished for the day he gave me a brief tour of Beale Street, which had not changed very much since its heydey at the turn of the century.

Then the two earls, accompanied by Beale, Arnyas Paulet, and Drue Drury, entered.

This would make every time, for Maisie, after her inevitable six months with Beale, much more of a change.

The pair appeared to have a social attraction which failed merely as regards each other: it was indeed a great deal to be able to say for Ida that no one but Beale desired her blood, and for Beale that if he should ever have his eyes scratched out it would be only by his wife.

XIV Mrs Beale fairly swooped upon her and the effect of the whole hour was to show the child how much, how quite formidably indeed, after all, she was loved.

In point of fact, however, Beale greatly enjoys the idea that Sir Claude too, poor man, has been forced to quarrel with your mother.

Therefore Beale goes on loathing your mother too much to have any great fury left for any one else.

No one and every one were of course Beale and Ida, the extent of whose power to be nasty was a thing that, to a little girl, Mrs.

Captain quite brushed away by the joy of seeing Beale listen without profane interruption.

She had had to mention Sir Claude, though she mentioned him as little as possible and Beale only appeared to look quite over his head.

The Countess, at this, looked sharply at Beale, and Beale, airily enough, asked what the deuce it mattered when she had already given him to understand she wanted to have nothing to do with them.