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a. 1 Having a beak. 2 Beak-like. 3 Having a nose which resembles a beak.

Usage examples of "beaky".

Hovering over the scene was a bunch of particularly ugly buzzards, looking down upon the good guys and licking their beaky chops.

The beaky nose, the strong jaw, they were both there, recognizable now.

The dark coat and the black hat accentuated his pallor, accentuated, too, his beaky nose and the strong jaw.

He was very proud of his falcons, and seeing them, talons gripped around wooden perches spiked into the sand or around the leather-gauntleted arms of their keepers, I found myself glancing at Whitaker, noticing the same quick, predatory look, the same sharp, beaky features.

Grant could see the slender sharp teeth, and the beaky upper jaw, like a parrot.

He swung his thin beaky nose towards the door as if expecting instant attack.

The woman with him was small and plump with dark hair and eyes and a delicate beaky nose.

Now it precisely described him, for he stood wearing only the thin liner, and there was his shell, folded in a pile with his beaky helmet on top.

But she remembered the beaky mask and she had always felt she knew the face behind it.

She is tall and beaky like a stork, and she crochets without dropping her eyes from me.

Thick white wavy hair, broad beaky nose, wide, thick-lipped shapely mouth, high cheekbones, large lobeless ears.

He was very pale, and his eyes seemed bulging out as, half in terror and half in amazement, he gazed at a tall, thin man, with a beaky nose and black moustache and pointed beard, who was also observing the pretty girl.

And she reduced to beaky skin, Disgraceful among kith and kin Against her corner, humped and aged, Arachne wrinkled, past enraged, Beyond disgust or hope in guile.

Without his hat to balance it, the nose looked even beakier and larger.

MacGregor's beaky nose and thin lips were framed with extravagant Dundreary whiskers of vivid auburn.