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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A very beadle to a humorous sigh.
▪ Discreet chorales endorse the beadle, who gathers cash on a wooden plate.
▪ It was, in fact, Mr Bumble the beadle, Oliver's old enemy.
▪ The feeling of contentment produced by gin-and-water had now disappeared, and the beadle was in a bad mood once more.
▪ The Presbytery appoints the beadle of the parish to summond him pro secundo.
▪ The ward bailiffs and beadles are not interested.
▪ They were in the custody of the court beadle who lived some distance away.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Beadle \Bea"dle\, n. [OE. bedel, bidel, budel, OF. bedel, F. bedeau, fr. OHG. butil, putil, G. b["u]ttel, fr. OHG. biotan, G. bieten, to bid, confused with AS. bydel, the same word as OHG. butil. See. Bid, v.]

  1. A messenger or crier of a court; a servitor; one who cites or bids persons to appear and answer; -- called also an apparitor or summoner.

  2. An officer in a university, who precedes public processions of officers and students. [Eng.]

    Note: In this sense the archaic spellings bedel (Oxford) and bedell (Cambridge) are preserved.

  3. An inferior parish officer in England having a variety of duties, as the preservation of order in church service, the chastisement of petty offenders, etc.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English bydel "herald, messenger from an authority, preacher," from beodan "to proclaim" (see bid). Sense of "warrant officer, tipstaff" was in late Old English; that of "petty parish officer," which has given the job a bad reputation, is from 1590s. French bédeau (Old French bedel, 12c.) is a Germanic loan-word.


n. (surname)

  1. n. a minor parish official who serves as an usher and preserves order at services

  2. United States biologist who discovered how hereditary characteristics are transmitted by genes (1903-1989) [syn: George Beadle, George Wells Beadle]

Beadle -- U.S. County in South Dakota
Population (2000): 17023
Housing Units (2000): 8206
Land area (2000): 1258.696136 sq. miles (3260.007889 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 6.126141 sq. miles (15.866631 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 1264.822277 sq. miles (3275.874520 sq. km)
Located within: South Dakota (SD), FIPS 46
Location: 44.407146 N, 98.264937 W
Beadle, SD
Beadle County
Beadle County, SD

Beadle, sometimes spelled " bedel", is a lay official of a church or synagogue who may usher, keep order, make reports, and assist in religious functions; or a minor official who carries out various civil, educational, or ceremonial duties.

The term has pre- Conquest origins in Old English, deriving from the Old English bydel ("herald, messenger from an authority, preacher"), itself deriving from beodan ("to proclaim", which has a modern descendant in the English verb bid). In Old English it was a title given to an Anglo-Saxon officer who summoned householders to council.

Beadle (disambiguation)

Beadle is a title.

Beadle may also refer to:

  • Beadle County
  • Beadle Lake

Usage examples of "beadle".

Beadle and Trixie Beadle came through the wings and stood awkwardly at the end of the semi-circle.

He ate blackberries along the hedges, minded the geese with a long switch, went haymaking during harvest, ran about in the woods, played hop-scotch under the church porch on rainy days, and at great fetes begged the beadle to let him toll the bells, that he might hang all his weight on the long rope and feel himself borne upward by it in its swing.

Chapter Six One evening when the window was open, and she, sitting by it, had been watching Lestiboudois, the beadle, trimming the box, she suddenly heard the Angelus ringing.

The beadle, standing aloof, was inwardly angry at this individual who took the liberty of admiring the cathedral by himself.

The beadle stood dumfounded, not able to understand this untimely munificence when there were still so many things for the stranger to see.

And he recognised the beadle, holding under his arms and balancing against his stomach some twenty large sewn volumes.

I made my way to the poor child, who was one of the dirtiest little unfortunates I ever saw, and found him very hot and frightened and crying loudly, fixed by the neck between two iron railings, while a milkman and a beadle, with the kindest intentions possible, were endeavouring to drag him back by the legs, under a general impression that his skull was compressible by those means.

This was so favourably received by the milkman and beadle that he would immediately have been pushed into the area if I had not held his pinafore while Richard and Mr.

So the little crazy lodger goes for the beadle, and the rest come out of the room.

The beadle, though generally understood in the neighbourhood to be a ridiculous institution, is not without a certain popularity for the moment, if it were only as a man who is going to see the body.

The sensation is heightened as the tidings spread from mouth to mouth that the beadle is on the ground and has gone in.

By and by the beadle comes out, once more intensifying the sensation, which has rather languished in the interval.

Taunts the beadle in shrill youthful voices with having boiled a boy, choruses fragments of a popular song to that effect and importing that the boy was made into soup for the workhouse.

The summonses served and his witnesses forewarned, the beadle goes to Mr.

He is conducted by the beadle and the landlord to the Harmonic Meeting Room, where he puts his hat on the piano and takes a Windsor-chair at the head of a long table formed of several short tables put together and ornamented with glutinous rings in endless involutions, made by pots and glasses.