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n. (given name female diminutive=Beatrice)

Bea (Dennis the Menace)

Bea, real name Beatrice, is a fictional character in the UK comic strip Dennis the Menace and Gnasher, from The Beano. She is Dennis' baby sister, born in issue 2931, dated 19 September 1998. She gets her own comic strip in issue 3737 dated 7 June 2014.


Bea or BEA, as a name, abbreviation, or acronym, may refer to:

Bea (given name)

Bea is a feminine given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Bea Alonzo (born 1987), Filipina actress and singer
  • Beatrice Arthur (1922–2009), American actress
  • Bea Ballard, British television producer
  • Bea Barrett (1916–2002), American amateur golfer
  • Bea Benaderet (1906–1968), American actress of the big band era
  • Bea Bielik (born 1980), American tennis player
  • Bea Binene (born 1997), Filipina actress
  • Bea Booze (1920–1975), American R&B and jazz singer
  • Bea Chester, American baseball player
  • Bea Feitler (1938–1982), Brazilian-born art-director
  • Bea Fiedler (born 1957), German topless model
  • Bea Firth (died 2008), Canadian politician
  • Béa Gonzalez, Spanish-Canadian novelist
  • Gertrude Himmelfarb (born 1922), also known as Bea Kristol, American historian
  • Beatrice Lillie (1894–1989), Canadian actress
  • Bea Maddock (born 1934), Australian artist
  • Bea Miles (1902–1973), Australian eccentric
  • Bea Nettles (born 1946), art photographer and author
  • Bea Nicolas, Filipina actress
  • Bea Palya (born 1976), Hungarian folk singer
  • Marie Beatrice Schol-Schwarz (1898–1969), also known as Bea Schwartz, Dutch phytopathologist
  • Bea Segura (born 1975), Spanish actress
  • Bea Wain (born 1917), American singer
  • Bea Wyler, Swiss-German rabbi
Bea (surname)

Bea is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Aisling Bea (born 1984), Irish actor, comedian, and writer
  • Augustin Bea (1881-1968), cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church
  • Carlos Bea (born 1934), American federal judge
  • José Beá (born 1942), Spanish comic book artist
  • José Alfredo Bea (born 1969), Spanish sprint canoer
  • Nancy Bea, American stadium organist
  • Sebastian Bea (born 1977), American rower

Usage examples of "bea".

Picking up a ladle, Mother Bea ladled burritos, rice, and Beans from the cauldron to the plates.

Susannah glanced at Mother Bea, wondering if there was something that had to be done to make the stone stop being magic.

Holding it by one of the sleeves, Mother Bea slowly dipped it in the cauldron.

We found Mother Bea like Aloysius said, and then we went into the Hill and found Niall and Francis, and we left.

I got up to my floor, Bea was coming down the corridor as I stepped out of the elevator shaft.

No one would want to stay around Rafe and Bea with the animosity that fairly shimmered between the two of them.

Just seeing Bea today brought back the pain as fresh as if it had only happened yesterday.

Rafe wanted to put away the pain, but Bea always dug it up and threw it in his face, adding her harsh words to the stew.

Patrick had finished telling her about Rafe and Bea, Selena felt like her insides had been scooped out with a shovel.

Some of the guests had such lively personalities, such as Bea, she was certain she would remember who they were and where they lived.

She had been gone for seven months, she and that Campbell were living together, but neither I, nor Bea, knew where.

He rested on his elbow and gritted his teeth so as to not hiss and let Bea know what the simple movement cost him.

He had not expected Bea to cooperate, but her constant anger sapped his energy and he wanted to be left alone to consider how to find Selena.

Saul will tell Bea that she was here and the authorities would be summoned to take her away.

But it was all on their own heads, on the heads of those who would have gone calmly on, satisfied to do their duty, watching as he and Lescar and Bea and others were taken away to pre-judicial murder.