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BDR may refer to:

  • Big Dad Ritch, lead vocalist for American red dirt metal band Texas Hippie Coalition
  • BD-R or Blu-ray Disc recordable
  • Backup Designated Router, a routing protocol concept
  • Bangladesh Rifles, now Border Guard Bangladesh, a border guarding force of Bangladesh
  • Bilateral Digit Reduction, a concept in paleontology to explain the wing formation in birds
  • Bill Davis Racing, a NASCAR team
  • German Cycling Federation (Bund Deutscher Radfahrer)
  • Sikorsky Memorial Airport (FAA and IATA codes)
  • Beck Disaster Recovery, a subsidiary of Science Applications International Corporation
  • PostgreSQL Bi Directional Replication

Usage examples of "bdr".

Two orange-yellow Illinois licence plates with the letters bdr 528 hang over the bar.

The letters bdr stand for Black Diamond Riders the legendary Toronto outlaw motorcycle gang led by the even more legendary Johnny Sombrero, known to his mother as Henry Paul Barnes.