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acr. (context military English) brigade combat team alt. (context military English) brigade combat team


BCT is an abbreviation that can mean:

  • IATA code for Boca Raton Airport,located in Palm Beach County,Florida
  • BCTGM, Bakers, confectioners, and Tobacco Workers Union
  • Baire category theorem, a result from general topology
  • Baltic Chain Tour, a road bicycle race
  • Banque Centrale de Tunisie in Tunisia
  • Basic Cadet Training, initial military training for new cadets at the United States Air Force Academy
  • Basic Combat Training
  • Bat Conservation Trust, a British charity
  • Behavior Change Technique
  • The Blue Carpet Treatment, an album by Snoop Dogg
  • Box compression test, a measure in corrugated fiber board packaging design and testing
  • Brigade Combat Team - the basic deployable unit of maneuver in the United States Army
  • Broward County Transit, a Fort Lauderdale-based system of public transportation
  • Buffalo Central Terminal, a railroad station located in Buffalo, New York
  • Mumbai Central Railway station code
  • Purple Line (Washington Metro), a proposed addition to the Washington Metrorail (formerly known as the Bi-County Transitway)
  • BC Transit, The company responsible for public transit in most of British Columbia
  • Boston Children's Theatre
  • Body Centered Tetragonal, a type of crystal structure, see Tetragonal crystal system
  • Another abbreviation for Best Available Control Technology, used in environmental legislation
  • Business Chinese Test, part of the three Hanban Institute (HSK, YCT and BCT) Chinese tests.

Usage examples of "bct".

And always, the first prayer at morning, the last at night-and many bctwcen-for Claire.

She shook her head, the line bctween her brows growing deeper as she looked disapprovingly at her brother.

Beca~use there was no way for information to be exchanged bct~cen the normal universe and the volume contained within the di~tortionIfor non,, his team continued to remind him-- time could progress within the continuum distortion at the same rate ~t had progressed when it was last in contact with normal space-time, without contradicting anything that had been estab lished about light-speed being the fastest anything could travel.

The two of them stood in contemplation for a moment, torn bctwecri Superstition and pragmatism.

Fraser's Ridge lay directly bct-,kccn Mueller's farm and the Indian villagcs-which at the momcrit seemed distinctly the wrong place to be.

The burning ache to move, to go, was so intense it obliterated all the other aches and burnings of her body-even the deep heart-burning of Roger's bctrayal-but there was nothing to be done.