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BCM may refer to:

  • Band Corporal Major, a warrant officer appointment in the bands of the British Household Cavalry
  • Banque Centrale de Madagascar, a financial institution in Madagascar
  • Banque Centrale de Mauritanie, a financial institution in Mauritania
  • Banque Commerciale du Maroc, a financial institution in Morocco that is now the Attijariwafa Bank
  • Baptist Collegiate Ministries, an entity of the Baptist Student Union at some American and Canadian colleges
  • Baylor College of Medicine, a private medical school in Houston, Texas, USA
  • Billion Cubic Metres, a unit of measure equivalent to 1 cubic kilometre, see also Orders_of_magnitude_(one_cubic_kilometre_to_one_cubic_megametre)
  • Bank Cubic Metre (mining term), a cubic metre of rock or material in situ before it is extracted
  • BCM, the IATA airport code for Bacău International Airport
  • Beijing Capital Museum, an art museum in Beijing, China
  • Binary chemical munition, a weapon requiring two separate media to combine for activation
  • Black Consciousness Movement, a political movement in apartheid South Africa
  • Blue cone monochromacy, a rare form of color-blindness
  • British Chess Magazine, a magazine published in the United Kingdom
  • Boots Contract Manufacturing, part of Alliance Boots
  • Business Change Manager, the role responsible for benefits management in the OGC approach to Programme Management, Managing Successful Programmes (MSP)
  • Business Contact Manager, a Microsoft add-in product for Microsoft Office Outlook that adds CRM features
  • Business Continuity Management, an interdisciplinary peer mentoring methodology used to create a plan for recovery of a business after disaster or disruption
  • Business Council of Mongolia
  • Bromochloromethane, a mixed halomethane
  • BCM theory, a model of synaptic plasticity
  • Broadcom
  • Body Control Module, in automotive electronics