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BBT may refer to:

In buildings:

  • Brenner Base Tunnel, a planned long railway tunnel through the base of the Brenner massif
  • Brighton Ballet Theater, a not-for-profit professional dance school

In entertainment:

  • The Big Bang Theory, an American sitcom
  • " The Big Bang Theory", an episode of the ninth season of Family Guy
  • Big Bang Theory (Harem Scarem album), a 1998 album by the Canadian hard rock band Harem Scarem
  • Big Bang Theory (Styx album), the fifteenth studio album by the band Styx
  • Big Big Train, an English progressive rock band that was founded in 1990
  • Big Biz Tycoon, business simulation game by Animedia
  • Billy Bob Thornton (born 1955), American actor
  • Bujinkan Budō Taijutsu, the group which teaches the Bujinkan


  • Air Bashkortostan (ICAO code BBT), an airline based in Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia
  • BB&T Corporation, an American bank
  • Barbier, Benard, et Turenne, a French company that specialized in the manufacture of lighthouse lenses.
  • Basal body temperature, the lowest temperature attained by the body during rest
  • Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, the world's largest publisher of books concerning Krishna
  • Big Bang theory, the prevailing cosmological theory of the early development of the universe
  • Bubble tea, a Taiwanese beverage usually containing a tea base mixed with fruit (or fruit syrup) and/or milk
  • Barclays Bank Tanzania, a commercial bank in Tanzania
  • Toyama Television, a television station in Toyama, Toyama Prefecture, Japan