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BBO may stand for:

  • Barium boron oxide, another name of barium borate
  • Big Bang Observer, planned space gravitational wave observatory
  • IATA code for Berbera Airport
  • Beta barium borate (β-BaBO) crystal
  • Black Bag Operations
  • Bundesbahn Österreich, a former name for the Austrian Federal Railways
  • Bureau Bijzondere Opdrachten, a Dutch secret service during World War II
  • The Bridge Base Inc. web site Bridge Base Online
  • British Ballet Organization, a dance teaching and examination board
  • Broome Bird Observatory
  • BBO, the ICAO code for Flybaboo
  • Bottom Bottle Opener, a cap-shaped indentation found in the bottom of Miller High Life bottles in the late 1980s which could be used to open other bottles of Miller High Life.
  • Best Bid Offer, a type of financial quote that includes the best bid and ask (offer) prices