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Etymology 1 n. (abbreviation of barrel nodot=1 English), notably for oil. Etymology 2

phr. (context Internet English) (alternative form of BBL English) (initialism of be back later English)


n. any of various units of capacity; "a barrel of beer is 31 gallons and a barrel of oil is 42 gallons" [syn: barrel]


BBL may refer to:

  • Bank Bruxelles Lambert, a Belgian bank, now merged into ING Group
  • Bangkok Bank, a Thai commercial bank (Stock symbol: BBL)
Science and nature
  • Benthic boundary layer
  • Bird Banding Laboratory
  • Blanchard, Bailey, and Lawrence theory, a controversial theory on MtF transsexual behaviour
Sports and pastimes
  • Big Bash League, an Australian Twenty20 cricket tournament
  • Baltic Basketball League
  • Basketball Bundesliga
  • British Basketball League
  • British Bridge League
  • Internet acronym for "Be Back Later"
  • British Brothers League, an anti-immigration organisation of the early 20th century
  • Blackbird Leys, a council housing estate in Oxford, England
  • BBL Pipeline from the Netherlands to England
  • Borough, Block and Lot, an identification numbering system for New York City real estate
  • Brown Bag Lunch, training or information session during a lunchbreak
  • Bangsamoro Basic Law

bbl can refer to:

  • abbreviation for a barrel (unit)
  • abbreviation for automotive carburetor barrels
  • filename extension produced by BibTeX

Usage examples of "bbl".

FISH--Mackerel $1 50 per bbl " Herrings, pickled or salted 1 00 " " Salmon 2 50 " " Shad 2 00 " " All other, pickled 1 50 " "'Provided that any fish in packages other than barrels shall pay in proportion to the rates charged upon similar fish in barrels.