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Bazel is a village in Belgium, in the municipality of Kruibeke. Population (2003): 4,967. The village has one of the oldest suspension bridges in Belgium, built in 1824. The Wissekerke Castle is located in this village.

In 2004, Bazel was the host for the second episode of Fata Morgana, the TV-show in which Belgian celebrities gave a city or town several challenges. The theme was "Kids boss" and the inhabitants succeeded in completing all challenges.

Bazel (software)

In software development, Bazel is an open source tool that allows for the automation of building and testing of software. The company Google uses the build tool Blaze internally and released and open-sourced part of the Blaze tool as Bazel, named as an anagram of Blaze. Bazel was first released in March 2015 and achieved beta status by September 2015.

Similar to build tools like Make, Apache Ant, or Apache Maven, Bazel builds software applications from source code using a set of rules. Rules and macros are created in the Skylark language, a subset of Python. There are built in rules for building software written in the programming languages of Java, C, C++, Python, Objective-C and Bourne shell scripts. Bazel can produce software application packages suitable for deployment for the Android and IOS operating systems.

In designing Bazel, emphasis has been placed on build speed, correctness, and reproducibility. The tools uses parallelization to speed up parts of the build process. It includes a Bazel Query language that can be used to analyze build dependencies in complex build systems.

Bazel (disambiguation)

Bazel is a village in Belgium.

Bazel may also refer to: