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BAYT or Bayt (Arabic: or Hebrew: , both meaning house) may refer to:

  • Ahl al-Bayt, the People of the House, referring to the household of Muhammad or to all pious Muslims
  • Beth Avraham Yoseph of Toronto, an Orthodox synagogue in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
  • House of Wisdom (Arabic: ; Bayt al-Hikma), an Abbasid-era library in Baghdad
  • Bethlehem (Arabic: Bayt Laḥm)

Usage examples of "bayt".

Half-visible through the date palms a huddle of mud-walled houses was the village called Bayt Faris, the tribal center.

It says the Bayt Ali are trying to get the agreement between Bani Ghassan and Ahl al-Hilal set aside.

But not one of the Ahl Bayt, or People of the Black Tents, was visible.

A drift of low-hanging wood-smoke, very far away, betrayed the presence of a camp of the Ahl Bayt, the People of the Black Tents.