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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bay \Bay\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Bayed (b[=a]d); p. pr. & vb. n. Baying.] [OE. bayen, abayen, OF. abaier, F. aboyer, to bark; of uncertain origin.] To bark, as a dog with a deep voice does, at his game.

The hounds at nearer distance hoarsely bayed.


Bayed \Bayed\, a. Having a bay or bays. ``The large bayed barn.''

  1. Having a bay or bays. v

  2. (en-past of: bay)

Usage examples of "bayed".

It was as if, dreamless, nightmare creatures bayed at his heels, propelling him forward, running desperately to a safety he could only hope existed.

The rough seamen who watched might have bayed and bellowed at the spectacle of a bull-baiting or a cockfight, but even they had fallen silent, awed by the terrible tragedy they saw unfolding.

When we stopped for breath the echoes bayed at us from the opposite walls.

An' we were workin' down when the pack bayed the bear round thet bare point.

And in the dark distances far beyond the blade, one of the beasts bayed.

As the mongrel bayed up at me, the man was nocking an arrow to his bow.

Kraal's dogs bayed back at the wolves, proclaiming their own territory.

At this the brachets49 bayed and made a wild noise, and the hunters chastised and turned back those that wandered off,—a hundred hunters of the best there were, as I have heard tell.

Sicarius opened his mouth and bayed, his cries echoing through the infinite interior of Spiredore.

Immediately it was consumed they bayed for more, with fat and juice running down their faces and dripping from their chins.

We set my pack of hounds upon him and followed them as they bayed the lion up from the paddock beside the Nile where he had killed his last bullock.

Led by the Bedouin, they howled like a pack of wild dogs as they bayed him, and Tanus' right arm tired and moved slower.

Whistling up the hounds who came happily and hopefully, he bayed them on the peasant woman’s track.

There was a hoarse and ragged cheer from the others, and one of Hugo Barnard's huge black hounds bayed mournfully, a strangely harrowing sound.

She could not see what they fired at, but she thought she could hear an unearthly yammering from beyond the walls, as if hell's own hounds bayed at Grostheim's gates.