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A bawley was an English sailing vessel typified by a boomless cutter rig and probably named for having a boiler for cooking shrimp in amidships. "The majority were built by Aldous of Brightlingsea" but they were also built in Harwich, Erith, Southend, Leigh and on the Medway.

bawley Bona (LO178) built by Aldou of Brightlingsea in 1903 Scott Tuke - A bawley running up the coast.jpg|Watercolour of a bawley running up the coast by Henry Scott Tuke, 1858–1929 Doris LO 284 from leigh on sea built at Harwich in 1909.jpg|The bawley Doris (LO284) built by John Cann of Harwich in 1909 Doris lo284 from Leigh, built by john cann at Harwich.jpg|Doris again at Leigh-on-Sea

Usage examples of "bawley".

Ezra had boasted all along that ole Bawley would keep his end up till they got clah to Wyoming.

But ole Bawley had stopped, and stopped, and at last had to be taken out of the yoke.