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Usage examples of "bawle".

It bawled when Jack hit it, floundered backward, sat briefly on its haunches, and then lunged for the far bank.

Ike bawled, raising his chest proudly like a bellows to make room for his close order voice.

He went on into the orderly room grinning and Old Ike bawled Atten HUT again, making it two words again, and the men still went on working.

I thrust my burning face into it, drinking my fill, while the renegade in scarlet bawled at me and fumed and cursed, demanding my attention to what he was saying.

Accepting this lack of understanding as something that proved nothing one way or the other, the officer bawled at the crowd.

It flailed and bawled and could not rise from its burden, and it remained a sobering example of a misstep until they could make the long descent and deal with it.

She laughed when things were good, and she bawled when things were bad.

As they kicked their way through the snow, he bawled orders to his groundcrew.

The one that bawled at you would likely be what I term the carp among the salmon.

He heard the front door slamming and a couple bawling obscenely at each other on the path outside.

That buzz that can only really be attained by being up on stage bawling into a microphone and working up a good old sweat.

Ron was bawling for Dave to come over and look at this stuff, might be something in it.

Amid this vast stretch of stars, with seemingly endless planets an which lived not a soul to call him Joe, he could have really enjoyed the arrival from far away or an irate human voice bawling him out good and proper for some error, real or fancied.

The beasts, in the uncertainty of so many new riders, lost patience and moved away from nudging knees and elbows, adding to the bawling confusion.

The soldiers, riding up with shouts and derision, had to gather in reins to hold other bawling beasts.