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Beijing Automobile Works Co., Ltd. (BAW) is a Chinese car manufacturer based in Beijing and a subsidiary of BAIC Group. BAW produces light off-road vehicles and trucks. BAW produces civilian as well as military vehicles.

BAW (disambiguation)

BAW can mean the following:

  • the ICAO airline designation of British Airways
  • Beijing Automobile Works, a China-based automotive manufacturing company

Usage examples of "baw".

Fighting a pitched battle with the militia on an open street in Pelek Baw is not a high-percentage survival tactic, if you know what I mean.

Force to unclip the grenade pack Nick had taken off the mercenaries in Pelek Baw, then he snatched the captured over-under out of its scabbard on the grassers harness.

The rumbling is loud as a Pelek Baw throughway, and tremors have begun to shake the ston?

Pelek Baw, and had nearly crushed him last night in the outpost bunker.

He saw himself in the Pelek Baw alley, staring in disbelief at h depowered lightsaber.

The fleet was controlled from a secure transmitter below the command bunker of the Pelek Baw spaceport.

Pelek Baw spread along the western shore of the Great Downrush, the mightiest river on Haruun Kal.

The evening thoroughfares of Pelek Baw were crowded as always, but beings of all species hastily stepped aside for the idling gunship cruising through the city at street level.

Battle of Lorshan Pass, and the firestorm in Pelek Baw, and everything else that happened planetside.

Ah run n kick the boy n the leg, aimin fir ehs baws, n Gentleman brings the half-boatil ay voddy doon oan toap ay ehs heid.

By the time the Turbostorm roared through the spaceport gates into the warehouse district of Pelek Baw, it was already doing over two hundred kilometers an hour.

For this short patch, the road paralleled the silver twist of Grandmother's Tears, a river of snowmelt from Grandfather's Shoulder that joined with the Great Downrush a few klicks from Pelek Baw.

Pelek Baw spread along the western shore of the Great Downrush, the mightiest river on Haruun Kal.

Toward the back of the customs office, a large advertiscreen advised everyone entering Pelek Baw to use the probiotic showers before leaving the spaceport.