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Baugh is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Carl Baugh (born 1936), American creationist
  • Dan Baugh (born 1974), Canadian rugby union player
  • Daniel A. Baugh (born 1931), American historian of British naval administration
  • Daniel Baugh Brewster (1923–2007), U.S. Senator from Maryland
  • Dickie Baugh (1864–1929), English footballer
  • Dickie Baugh, Jr (1902–1972), English footballer
  • Kevin Baugh (born 1962), American micronationalist
  • Matt Baugh (born 1973), British ambassador
  • Sammy Baugh (1914–2008), American football player
  • Scott Baugh (born 1962), American politician
  • Tom Baugh (born 1963), American football player

Usage examples of "baugh".

William Baugh was an overseer on the Haley plantation in Marion County, Alabama, who had sometimes taken his pleasure with a slave woman, half black, half Cherokee, called Sabrina.