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n. (plural of batt English)


Batts is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Deborah Batts (born 1947), African American lawyer
  • Lloyd Batts (born 1951), retired American basketball player
  • Matt Batts (1921–2013), former catcher in Major League Baseball
  • Nathaniel Batts (1620–1679), American fur trader
  • Robert Lynn Batts (1864–1935), American judge

Usage examples of "batts".

Kate Batts had been poor and meek, her eccentricities might have gotten her into trouble.

Lewis, Privates Batts, Bean, Beard, Biggs, and Floyd, fall in with canteens to fetch water.

He went down a short hallway wallpapered in big batts of flame, gave a wall a jolt so hot the inferno around him seemed tepid.

Dan could see now that in some areas the insulation was modern, rolls or batts of thick, vermin-proof, fireproof mineral fiber, doubtless underlain by a plastic vapor barrier.

Taking its time, the Worm proceeds to one of the Batts or Islands in the River, where it sets up its base of operations.