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  Where he was short of guns, he positioned batteries of rocket launchers or multiple mortar throwers.

  They were to scale the almost sheer one-hundred-foot cliffs at a place called Pointe du Hoc and silence a battery of six long-range guns—guns so powerful that they could zero in on Omaha Beach or the transport area of Utah Beach.

  Early in the afternoon his men had reported the arrival of a new antiaircraft battery group barely a mile away.

  At that moment, too, she heard off in the distance the low throbbing of planes, the muffled booming of explosions and the sharp staccato of quick-firing flak batteries.

  From his headquarters at Etreham, four miles from the coast, he commanded four batteries of the German 352nd Division --twenty guns in all.

  They were almost ready to enter the general’s room when suddenly they heard a nearby flak battery open up.

  It was perhaps the most important of all the 6th Airborne’s missions: the destruction of a massive coastal battery near Merville.

  Allied intelligence believed that this battery’s four powerful guns could harass the assembling invasion fleet and massacre the troops landing on Sword Beach.

  And this battalion, the highly trained 9th, had been given the toughest, most urgent job of the night—the assault on the Merville battery.

  To get to the heart of the battery—four heavy guns in massive concrete emplacements—the 9th would have to pass through mine fields and over antitank ditches, penetrate a fifteen-foot-thick hedge of barbed wire, cross more mine fields and then fight through a maze of machine-gun-filled trenches.

  One hundred Lancaster bombers were to saturate the battery first with four-thousand-pound bombs.

  After collecting this special equipment from the gliders, Otway’s men were to set out for the battery in eleven teams to begin the assault.

  Even if everything went according to schedule in the next few hours, by the time Otway and his men assembled, moved out and reached the battery they would have barely an hour to destroy the guns.

  That meant that Otway and his men had to be away from the battery, no matter what the outcome, by 5:30 A.

  In all the months of training he had never expected every phase of his elaborate land-and-air assault of the coastal battery to work out exactly as planned.